About Me

Thank you for visiting my website, let me introduce myself; I am a professional photographer with experience in the fields of people & portrait, autonomous & art and street photography. Love to shoot black & white film when possible. Have broad experience in photo editing software, but, I don’t rely my work on that.  I have photo-studio with the necessary equipment but prefer to make portraits outdoors with the least equipment possible.
Since Summer 2016, I am making portraits of female starter models using a very simple technique, consisting in one prime lens (85mm) a full frame DSLR camera (D810) and a wireless fill flash lighting.
I ask my models not to wear excessive make-up and when possible, I leave the make-up to experts (Makeup Artist), keeping everything as natural as possible.
About locations and posing: I do a bit of scouting around the city prior to the photoshoots to draw a route for the session. For the posing, I try to avoid unnatural poses and let the models express themselves the best they can; I also give them a few tips over good posing practices (do’s and don’t’s).
To keep things simple, I ask the models to select 3 or more outfits for their sessions and based on that, I select the locations and the “mood” of the shooting. In the three-hour sessions I “make” as many photos as possible to expand our portfolios.
Please, feel free to share and to contact me if you are interested in my work.